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History of the Band

Three Hour Tour Timeline.
Photos of all the band members since the very beginning -- 1991.


"The Phoenix Rises Again" gig flyer, 2000.
A laugh riot.

Gig flyer, 1997.
Hilarious, if we must say so ourselves.

First gig flyer, 1994.
Chronicle spoof.

CoCo Club

History of the CoCo Club.
Paula's article for On Cue magazine

Route 66/T-Bird Photos

Paula, Julie, and her new 2002 Thunderbird have returned from their trip down Route 66.  Check out the text of her daily journal and the accompanying photos online.


Paula's shots of the homeland, 1998.

Ballpark Photos

Julie Riffle's exquisite shots of the Giants' new ballpark, 2000.

Sister Mary Charlesita Website

Tribute to Paula's friend Sister Mary Charlesita at

Gilligan's Island Links
The most incredible Gilligan's Island site on the Web.
Dawn Wells' home page.

THREE HOUR TOUR (and roadies) IN THE YEAR 2019:

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Paula and Julie's Wedding Slide Show, June 23, 2008

Click play button (and wait through 5 seconds of black video)