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These little guys are "thumbnails" -- itty-bitty versions of the real photos we have on display here.  Just click on the thumbnail you'd like to see, and the large-size photo will magically appear.


November 2005

Anthem -- on field 1.jpg (72760 bytes)Anthem -- group shot.jpg (67473 bytes)Anthem -- Char.jpg (34056 bytes)Anthem -- Jean.jpg (39612 bytes)
Anthem -- Paula.jpg (51052 bytes)Anthem -- Julie and Susan.jpg (70718 bytes)Anthem -- In the tunnel.jpg (50510 bytes)Anthem -- Jean jumping.jpg (74178 bytes)
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National Anthem at SBC Park, July 8, 2004

Julie at Kimo's, January 2003

Kimo's, January 25, 2003:
Julie Riffle sings "Suffragette City"

FOB CrowdDiana playing keyboardsDiana DanielDina Munsch

"Festival of the Babes" party, CW Saloon, September 1, 2002, left to right:
* The largest-ever and most raucous Three Hour Tour audience
* Diana plays keyboards and sings at the same time
* Diana again, gazing lovingly at the camera
* Dina captivates an adoring crowd

Julie RiffleRonnie JohnsonRonnie and crowdTerry Alvey and Diana Daniel

Left to right:
* Julie Riffle sweating
* Ronnie Johnson on the floor, as usual 
* Ronnie leads an unruly pack in some kind of rebellion
* "Rock Lobster":  Terry Alvey and Diana Daniel playing percussion

4-02 Group1.jpg (71455 bytes)4-02 Group2.jpg (68334 bytes)4-02 Paula and Ronnie.jpg (80043 bytes)4-02 Julie onstage.jpg (91426 bytes)

"Little Black Dress" gig, Kimo's, April 6, 2002, left to right:
* The band backstage (Paula wasn't wearing a dress, so she's not included)
* Backstage again, minus the surly poses 
* Paula Bocciardi and Ronnie onstage
* Julie onstage, in her Mom's 1955 dress!

4-02 Diana arty.jpg (68838 bytes)4-02 Diana shoes.jpg (99149 bytes)4-02 Terry.jpg (77217 bytes)4-02 Julie choking.jpg (75997 bytes)

Left to right:
* Ms. Diana Daniel
* Backstage, putting on the dresses 
* Terry Alvey
* Julie chokes on the 1955 dress!


4-02 Julie backstage.jpg (39406 bytes)4-02 Pamela.jpg (94638 bytes)4-02 Ronnie and Diana.jpg (83582 bytes)4-02 Diana and Dina.jpg (86221 bytes)

Left to right:
* Julie models the infamous dress
* Fan Pamela Parker tries out the keyboards and looks rockin' 
* Diana and Ronnie onstage
* Diana gags, Dina looks coy.  Huh??

Diana on pool table 2-02.jpg (106483 bytes)Napkin with Free Bird 2-02.jpg (341792 bytes)napkin with phone number 2-02.jpg (211474 bytes)

Rainbow Room, March 2, 2001, left to right:
* Diana gets funky on the pool table
* Audience request for song, written on napkin 
* Audience request for Diana(!), written on napkin

Arty shot 11-01.jpg (81714 bytes)Audience 11-01.jpg (88748 bytes)Diana and Terry 11-01.jpg (59485 bytes)Group on stage 11-01.jpg (83758 bytes)
Four backup singers 11-01.jpg (51113 bytes)

10th anniversary show at Jelly's, November 2001, clockwise:
* An arty shot of the band onstage
* The audience, including KTVU's Tom Vacar (our most rabid fan) 
* Terry Alvey and Diana Daniel
* The "Johnny B. Goode" jam
* Lauren Weiner, K. F., Janine Bocciardi, and Terry Alvey

Nina 11-01.jpg (36920 bytes)Pamela 11-01.jpg (78437 bytes)Turkey winner 11-01.jpg (41453 bytes)Janine 11-01.jpg (35444 bytes)
Toby 11-01.jpg (80317 bytes)

Clockwise :
* Nina Houts, surprise "Do Re Mi" soloist, 11/01
* Pamela Parker presenting the turkey, 11/01 
* Turkey raffle winner Dana, 11/01
* Former band member Janine Bocciardi, on "Kansas City," 11/01
* Former band member Toby Bielawski doin' a Chuck Berry on "Johnny B. Goode," 11/01

Betty Lou 11-01.jpg (48269 bytes)Diana with guitar 11-01.jpg (87278 bytes)Diana and Julie2 11-01.jpg (108107 bytes)Betty Lou with text 11-01.jpg (129164 bytes)

The instrument exchange on "Betty Lou," left to right:
* Yes, unbelievably, that's Paula Bocciardi on guitar, with Ronnie Johnson on vocals, 11/01
* Diana Daniel as Jimi Hendrix, 11/01
* Smilin' frettists Diana Daniel and Julie Riffle, 11/01
* Dina Munsch wants you all to know that she is playing drums, dammit!, 11/01

Diana and Dina 11-01.jpg (55477 bytes)Diana and Julie 11-01.jpg (66957 bytes)Dina and Ronnie 11-01.jpg (24983 bytes)Dina, Terry, and Julie 11-01.jpg (80894 bytes)
Paula 11-01.jpg (110736 bytes)

* Diana Daniel and Dina Munsch, 11/01
* Julie Riffle, Diana Daniel, and Paula Bocciardi on "Free Bird," 11/01 
* Dina Munsch and Ronnie Johnson, 11/01
* Angelic trio Julie Riffle, Terry Alvey, and Diana Daniel, 11/01
* Paula Bocciardi on drums, 11/01

Densmore1 smaller.jpg (16653 bytes)Houts kids

* Paula meets John Densmore, drummer for the Doors, 8/30/01 

Terry Alvey amd Diana DanielTerry Alvey and Diana Danieldina guitar 4-01.jpg (31375 bytes)diana pointing 4-01.jpg (71952 bytes)
rock lobster trio 4-01.jpg (57208 bytes)

At the Diane Alexis Whipple benefit gig, April 2001, clockwise:
* Terry and Diana, with Diana looking eerily like our old bass player, Chrissy Barlow
* All psyched up for the "American Trilogy" ("American Woman/Girl/Band") 
* Dina doin' a Chuck Berry  -- artsy photo, isn't it?
* Diana points menacingly at a fan who isn't listening
* "Rock Lobster": Ronnie's hair runs amok

Pam HofsassJulie Rifflepaula drums 4-01.jpg (88457 bytes)Rock Lobster
Ronnie Johnson

* Guest keyboardist Pam Hofsass, 4/01
* Julie ("I Refuse to Move a Muscle") Riffle, 4/01 
* Paula Bocciardi, just before trashing her drumset, 4/01
* "Rock Lobster," 4/01
* Ronnie Johnson gazes lovingly at her bass, 4/01

Stage 2-01Band, Valentine's Day Gig 2001Gwen, Dina, Ronnie 2-01Paula 2-01

Left to right:
* Stage, Kimo's, Valentine's gig 2001
* Band, 2/01 
* Ladies in red: Gwen (our great doorperson), Dina (eating pasta), Ronnie
* Paula 2/01
"I Touch Myself," 2-01"Wipeout," 2-01"Fever," 2-01Marina 2-01

Left to right:
* Diana fondling an audience member, 2/01
* "Wipeout," 2/01 
* Julie and Dina's finely-tuned finger-snapping choreography, "Fever," 2/01
* Marina joins the band on trumpet, 2/01

Diana, Halloween 2000Halloween 2000Ronnie, Halloween 2000Diana and Dina, Halloween 2000
Maria Munsch and cousin Laura

* Diana at Kimo's, Halloween 2000
* Costumed audience, Halloween 2000 
* Ronnie lookin' sophisticated, Halloween 2000
* Diana tells Paula to stop playing so loud, Halloween 2000
* Maria Munsch (Dina's mother) and her cousin Laura exclaiming over a photo of the band 

Band outside Kimo's 7-00Diana on laps, Kimo's, 7-00"Free Bird" whiteboardKimo's audience 7-00
Under the Kimo's marquee 7-00

* Outside Kimo's, 7/00
* Diana takes a spill?  What's going on??  Kimo's, 7/00 
* The only way we could learn "Free Bird": use a whiteboard
* Kimo's audience, 7/00
* Under the marquee, Kimo's, 7/00

Diana and Dina making nuschler faces 7-00Band on streetcorner 7-00Diana with boa 7-00Onstage at Kimo's 7-00

Left to right:
* Diana and Dina making twin "nuschler" faces, Kimo's, 7/00 (apologies to Will Clark)
* Streetcorner outside Kimo's, 7/00
* Diana mysteriously grows body hair, Kimo's, 7/00
* Onstage, Kimo's, 7/00

holding DianasnarlinglaughingWIPEOUT.JPG (31382 bytes)
maryann.jpg (97445 bytes)

* Check out our prima donna new singer (typical!), 4/00
* Three Hour Tour attempting to look mean, 4/00
* Dina probably said something funny, 4/00
* Julie playing "Wipeout," CoCo Club, 8/97
* Dawn Wells ("Mary Anne" from "Gilligan's Island") sent us this signed photo, 7/98

kelly.jpg (24138 bytes)jill&barb.jpg (28080 bytes)JJGIG.JPG (35469 bytes)oldfriends.jpg (34832 bytes)

Left to right:
* Kelly Tipton (who never dances) dancing, Kimo's, 10/25/98
* Faithful fans Jill Sweringen and Barb Schoeffel, going nuts, Kimo's, 10/25/98
* Julie Scearce and Janine Bocciardi, CoCo Club, 8/97
* Old friends Julie Scearce, Jill Sweringen, Paula, Diane Bradley, Diane Marino, Karen Wight