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These clips are all in RealAudio format.  That means you don't have to wait a *&^%$#! hour for every 30-second clip to download onto your hard drive.  But you'll need to have the RealOne Player installed.  If you don't have it, you can download the all-new RealOne Player here

Unlike the video clips, these clips will load almost immediately and shouldn't "buffer" halfway through.  Yay!!!!!

Disclaimers:  These clips were recorded live on a -- no kidding -- $19 boombox from Costco with a "microphone" that's merely a slit the size of a paper cut.  The sound quality is pretty bad, but we fooled around with the tone and the bitrates and did the best we could.

SPECIAL ADVISORY:  Our video and sound clips are suddenly taking a long time to load.  You can either wait a minute and a half for the clip to load (it will look like it's hanging on "Connecting"), or forget about it! 

FROM JUNE 13, 2003

"Mystery Achievement".  

"Suffragette City".  Julie Riffle(!) on lead vocals and guitar.

"Sk8er Boi".  Finally -- Three Hour Tour gets into this millennium.

"Get Off of My Cloud".  

"Chain of Fools".  

"Bang a Gong".  

FROM APRIL 22, 2001

"I Will Survive".  With guest pianist Pam Hofsass.

"Rock Lobster".  Yes, we're making all those fish sounds ourselves.

"Long Train Running"  

"We're an American Band".  We're coming to your town...

"American Woman".  With guest vocalist Terry Alvey.

"Theme from 'Gilligan's Island' ".  Dina's perfect scream -- I mean, high note.

"Kansas City".  Terry Alvey does the solo vocal.

"Love Stinks"  

"Middle of the Road"  

"I Saw Her Standing There".  With guest vocalist Terry Alvey.

"Wipeout".  Drum duet with Julie Riffle and Paula Bocciardi.



"Travelin' Band"



"San Francisco".  A few timing problems, but our hearts were sure there.

"I Put a Spell on You".

"Monster Mash".  

"Under My Thumb".  Deliciously politically incorrect.


FROM JULY 30, 2000

"Get Ready".  Diana's piece de resistance.

"Jeffersons Theme".  We just can't stay away from those old TV shows.

"Summertime Blues".  With Ronnie's cool bass goin' on.

"Walk Don't Run".  The band's highly-touted instrumental.

"She likes to be alone when . . . ."  Diana's famous introduction of Paula.

"Mustang Sally".  

"My Generation".  Paula goes nuts.

"Purple Haze".  Dina's influence, of course. 

"Son of a Preacher Man"

"Shakin' All Over"

"Miss You"

"You Shook Me All Night Long"

and now for the "Free Bird" section:

"Free Bird 1".  Beginning of instrumental part.  Dina and Julie go nuts.

"Free Bird 2".  More of the instrumental part.  Audience goes nuts.

"Free Bird 3".  Even more.  Audience goes nuts.

"Free Bird 4".  The big ending.



And now for a great treat:  Paula Bocciardi has kindly allowed us to post some soundclips from the very first edition of Three Hour Tour, dating back to October 1991.  In fact, the band was not called Three Hour Tour then; someone suggested that they call themselves "The Dangling Participles," but that was soundly rejected.  In retrospect, it somewhat fits.   [The "band" obviously did not gig then -- they just assembled in M.L. Bement's garage and created cacophony.]   Anyway, Paula is the only member of that ragtag group still with Three Hour Tour, so the only person standing to be greatly humiliated is her.  These clips showcase how very, very bad her drumming was in those early days -- how truly, hideously, double-the-nearest-competitor HORRID she was.   Prepare yourself.

"Good Lovin' "

"Kansas City"


"Monster Mash"